In crises and difficulties, I always see an opportunity to take a close look and to creatively bring about a positive change in life. People personally affected by an acute crisis are often unable (or no longer able) to see their own potential and the possibilities for changing the situation. My goal is to make changes tangible and real, from the very first hour onward.

Anna Katharina Zumthor, services

I will gladly accompany you on your way to positive change, with regard to any of the following:


Online counseling:
There are situations in which an on-site appointment is impossible. It can happen that a client travels abroad for some time and wishes to continue the counseling. I offer counseling via Skype or over the telephone, at the same hourly rate. This enables you to decide where to talk.
Counseling over the telephone generally requires at least one session on site beforehand, so that we can get to know each other. It should be kept in mind that a telephone counseling session cannot entirely replace a face-to-face conversation, as it is very important for me to work with non-verbal communication and via the body. 


Psychological strolls:
Many people feel more at ease when on the move outdoors in the fresh air, than when sitting in a room. While walking, it can be easier to open up and to experience the counseling session as positive. We meet for a psychological stroll at the arranged time, at a place in natural surroundings or wherever you choose, and stroll our way through the conversation. Anna Katharina Zumthor, services