Type of counseling and methods:
I offer solution-and-resource-focused brief counseling, as developed by Steve de Shazer. My approach also incorporates elements of systemic psychology, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, life coaching and body-centered counseling.
These methods are always based on a good relationship between counselor and client. I find it important to establish an authentic relationship in partnership, so that we can work together in a friendly conversational atmosphere. 
A little humor also plays a part!

Anna Katharina Zumthor, counseling and methods What happens in a counseling session:
In my counseling sessions, you will be free to tell me about yourself and to bring up anything that matters to you. Together, we will find out what your wishes and goals are, and what resources and strengths you have, with which to make them become reality. I will encourage your personal growth and help you to not only identify your personal potential, but to put it into practice as well. It is therefore important to me that you can make tangible use of the new insights and knowledge that you will obtain. You will be given practical instructions and exercises, which you can carry out, step by step, in everyday life. As a result, you will very quickly start to see changes in your life, regarding how you feel, think and act. There is one thing that I have always been convinced of, something that life and my experiences with people at my practice confirm again and again:

Change is possible!
By wanting to change, you have already taken the first step. Now it is a matter of looking into what this means for you and what the next steps are. For example, these could be steps with which to overcome fears and depression, to deal with shyness, to come to terms with a loss, to get over lovesickness, to gain clarity and greater self-awareness, or to finally get around to tackling all the things you have kept putting off. 
This also involves looking at precisely where difficulties originate from. Here, it is about getting to know yourself better and seeing which possibly adverse behaviors have developed over time, for what reasons. However, I make sure that we do not merely look back and identify problems. It is important to me that we never lose sight of the positives in your life, along with your possibilities for action and change.
Further, the unity of body and mind is very important to me, which is why I am continuing to learn about body-oriented psychological methods on an ongoing basis. As demonstrated repeatedly and impressively in practice, the body can express concerns or problems before the client themselves has even consciously perceived them.
It is completely up to you: You can come to me a few times, I can support you regularly over a longer period, or we can see each other whenever necessary. I eagerly await you and look forward to supporting you! 

Anna Katharina Zumthor, counseling and methods